Acts 2:42

In the Bible, Acts 2:42 says that the followers of Jesus committed themselves to eating and studying to grow in their faith.  On Wednesday nights at Long’s Chapel, starting January 10th, we take that verse literally.  A meal starts at 5:15 and studies for all ages from 6:30-7:30.

Let’s highlight 3 offerings for Wednesday nights in early 2018:

The Wesley Challenge – Pastor Tim and Carrie Carpenter will gather in the sanctuary to explore some legacy principles that the founder of Methodism infused into this spiritual movement.  A mix of history and theology will reveal some personal insights about your own faith through 21 questions that will be studied over 5 weeks.

Women 2 Women – Calling all women!!!  Join in for a variety of programs, conversations and experiences that are meant to bless women.  Join in for fellowship and faith formation.

Alpha – Alpha is the first letter of the Greek Alphabet and this class is a space for folks that want to ask beginning questions of faith.  Pastor Chris will lead this conversation.  It is designed for people that are new to the Christian faith or are new to Long’s Chapel or feel that they want to learn more about the foundations of faith.  It is open to anyone and all are welcome.  Non intimidating.  Safe space.  Let’s explore faith together.

These are just some of our Discipleship offering for 2018.  Let’s Grow together!