Long's Chapel LogoI know how important logos are. They are word pictures that give a glimpse into a recognizable identity. Through a process involving more than 50 servants from our church, Long’s Chapel has just adopted a new “word picture” of who we are.

It was designed by our own Scott Clontz and it starts with the cross at the center because Jesus is at the center. Growing out of the cross are little “leaves” that represent us. God’s grace changes us and helps us “live sent” to serve Christ in the world. It’s almost as if the “leaves” are radiating out like the sun. Three words that describe our calling as a church are Reach, Grow and Serve. We are REACHING out in the name of Jesus to share Christ’s love and help others experience His love. We are GROWING in God’s love because God is always doing a new thing in us. We are SERVING because being the hands and feet of Christ is what gives our faith an expression. God is partnering with us to restore the world to God’s intention and design.

When we are reaching, growing and serving then we are participating in that good work. Revelation 22 describes a restored world where “leaves of a tree” are for the healing of the nations. Can you see yourself in this picture as a part of a bigger work that God is doing?