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The Leadership Team

The Leadership Team of Long’s Chapel, formerly called Church Council, provides leadership in the areas of: financial stewardship (Finances), property and buildings (Trustees), human resources (Staff Parish Relations) and vision.  Meetings occur on the third Tuesday of each month and are open to anyone within Long’s Chapel.  Note that all human resource portions of meetings are closed due to the content of business items.  Any questions regarding the Leadership Team, please connect with

2018 Leadership Team

Carol Burrell

Jack Carlisle

Judy Dodson

Emily Hall

Ken Howle

Karen Kreitzburg

Jeanne Heath

Denise Loock

Justin Lowe – Associate Pastor

Torry Pinter – Executive Director of Operations

Hunter Plemmons – Team Leader

Kim Powers

Lori Prickett – Secretary

Patsy Rogers

Mark Teague

Joey Webb

Chris Westmoreland – Lead Pastor

June 2018 Meeting Executive Summary

There is a lot happening in the life of our church and your Church Council is committed to making sure we get more information to you about what is happening.  This past Tuesday the Council met and did lots of stuff.  Some of what was discussed was:

  • Approved salaries for our two new pastors (Carrie Carpenter with Adult Discipleship and Tom Owens for the Open Door.)
  • Approved plans to use existing designated funds to build a third Long’s Chapel EACH (Ending Area Child Homelessness) home.  Bill Ashley, a Long’s Chapeler, is going to volunteer-general contract this effort for us and he and his wife are donating the lot where it will be located (Thanks Bill and Charlene).  So exciting to be engaged on the front to fight child homelessness in Haywood County.
  • We engaged in a Ministry Spotlight with Grady Wiley about the Hangout and our new eleven05 worship experience.  The Hangout touched 65 families with a free after-school program.  Grady shared stories about parents for whom this ministry was the difference in being able to get a full-time job or not.  We are planning for 100 kids to be a part of the program come Fall.  eleven05 modern worship experience has been fruitful with great leadership and people responding.  The Church Council affirmed a plan to work toward multiplying our modern worship offerings to offer a live service in the Venue at nine35 weekly.
  • We spent a good bit of time celebrating the way God is providing funds committed for our building initiative.  With the level of commitment we have seen, the Building Team is revisiting the conceptual building plans to recommend changes that help us still get what we need and be the best stewards of the money being given.  This work will take several months with the goal to present to the congregation revised drawings, a financial plan and a timeline of moving forward.  Exciting times for sure.
  • A finance report was presented where per Sunday we are ahead of giving compared to last year.
  • The Leadership Team received update reports on a change in Communication Strategy and restructuring of a new REACH Ministry Team (that will incorporate our former Mission and Evangelism Teams). Lots of work has been completed and still much to do.