The Waiting

Dr. Chuck Wilson


Description: The Waiting (Luke 24:44-53) In the Ascension story, where Jesus ascends to heaven, Jesus tells the disciplesto wait for His return and to wait for the coming of the Holy Spirit. As we wait, we practice hope. As we wait, we practicehumility. As we wait, we trust. As we wait, we practice gratitude.

The Appearance

Dr. Chuck Wilson


Description:Luke 24:13-32We can experience the Risen Christ because we have been given the gift of the Holy Spirit. We will explore two tensions: that Christ is both hidden and visible and the tension between the already and the not yet. We will experience Christ by looking through the lens of the Holy Spirit in our midst.

The Promise

Dr. Chuck Wilson


Description:Acts 1:1-8In Baptism we are given the pilot light of the Holy Spirit, but at some point we open ourselves and allow the Holy Spirit to be that which drives our life, to do its work among us and within us. That’s the promise you and I have.