Seder Meal

Wednesday March 23 at 5:15 pm: Seder Meal. Adults $10 in the Fellowship Hall, youth and children dine for free in The Underground.  All adults should pre-register with payment by March 21. Register on Wednesday nights after Acts 2:42 meal, in the Gathering Area of the Sanctuary on Sundays during Lent, by texting SEDER18 to 828.604.6247, or by contacting Carrie

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Lent is…

So, the Church believes that Easter is the Super Bowl of the Christian year.  And just like the Super Bowl, you can’t just show up and expect to be at your best; it takes a lot of preparation and hard work.  In the football world, a team would make it all the way through the regular season and then

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Ash Wednesday is coming . . .

It’s an odd but timeless practice of marking ashes in the sign of the cross to recognize our mortality and the healing, cleansing, and resurrection power of the cross of Jesus Christ.  The practice goes deep in the tradition of the Scripture and the Church.  At Long’s Chapel we will gather at two services on February 14 (12 and

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Leadership Huddle

Long's Chapel has a recent tradition of inviting anybody who is in leadership in the life of our church to something we are calling "Leadership Huddles".  If you are struggling to make the connection to the title, with the Super Bowl coming up soon, think football and what the quarterback calls just before every play.  The team huddles together

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Moses Sermon Series

Sometimes real life stories seem almost too crazy to be true.  Such it is with the life of Moses.  Think 1400 years before Jesus was born.  The place is Egypt.  Moses has a miraculous birth, a royal upbringing, a dramatic exit, an exciting call story, and then leads a powerful exodus from slavery to freedom.  Jews hail him as

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The Body of Christ

It never fails to amaze me - this thing called the Body of Christ and how diverse it is.  Every church, regardless of denomination, size, shape, geography, etc. is in the same business, which is to glorify God and make disciples of Jesus Christ.  We all do it in different ways, have differing levels of style, personality, and even effectiveness.

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I know how important logos are. They are word pictures that give a glimpse into a recognizable identity. Through a process involving more than 50 servants from our church, Long’s Chapel has just adopted a new “word picture” of who we are.

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Acts 2:42

In the Bible, Acts 2:42 says that the followers of Jesus committed themselves to eating and studying to grow in their faith.  On Wednesday nights at Long’s Chapel, starting January 10th, we take that verse literally.  A meal starts at 5:15 and studies for all ages from 6:30-7:30. Let’s highlight 3 offerings for Wednesday nights

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