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Seder Meal

Wednesday March 23 at 5:15 pm: Seder Meal. Adults $10 in the Fellowship Hall, youth and children dine for free in The Underground.  All adults should pre-register with payment by March 21. Register on Wednesday nights after Acts 2:42 meal, in the

Lent is…

So, the Church believes that Easter is the Super Bowl of the Christian year.  And just like the Super Bowl, you can’t just show up and expect to be at your best; it takes a lot of preparation and hard work.  In the football world, a team would make it

Ash Wednesday is coming . . .

It’s an odd but timeless practice of marking ashes in the sign of the cross to recognize our mortality and the healing, cleansing, and resurrection power of the cross of Jesus Christ.  The practice goes deep in the tradition of the Scripture and the Church.  At Long’s Chapel we will