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Moses Sermon Series

Moses Sermon Series

Sometimes real life stories seem almost too crazy to be true.  Such it is with the life of Moses.  Think 1400 years before Jesus was born.  The place is Egypt.  Moses has a miraculous birth, a royal upbringing, a dramatic

The Body of Christ

It never fails to amaze me – this thing called the Body of Christ and how diverse it is.  Every church, regardless of denomination, size, shape, geography, etc. is in the same business, which is to glorify God and make disciples of Jesus Christ.  We all do it in different


Long's Chapel LogoI know how important logos are. They are word pictures that give a glimpse into a recognizable identity. Through a process involving more than 50 servants from our church, Long’s Chapel has just adopted a new

Acts 2:42

In the Bible, Acts 2:42 says that the followers of Jesus committed themselves to eating and studying to grow in their faith.  On Wednesday nights at Long’s Chapel, starting January 10th, we take that verse literally.  A meal starts at 5:15 and studies for all ages from 6:30-7:30.

Let’s highlight 3

Questions Kids Ask – Part I

Kids do ask the best questions, don’t they?  Sometimes they even have the courage to ask questions we are scared of.  Their questions reveal something about their imagination.  Children in our LCKids Ministry have asked 10 or so questions of your pastors.  We will break those questions down into several