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We value being “on mission” with Jesus.  Reaching out in Jesus’ name is the way we share God’s love with the world God loves.  God is constantly giving us “divine assignments” to reach out in His name.  Find the team that best fits your heart.    

Learn More about The Hangout
  • Local:
    1. The Hangout
    2. Backpack Ministry
    3. First Fruits
    4. EACH
    5. Christmas Angels
  • International:
    1. Operation Christmas Child
    2. Kenya
  • Short-Term
    1. Open Door and Second Blessing
    2. Haywood Pathways Center
  • Long – Term
    1. EACH
  • Carpentry Ministry
  • Firewood Ministry
  • Knitting Ministry
  • Prison Ministry
  • Blood Drive
  • Deaf Ministry