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We believe worship is our first priority. Honoring God in worship fuels and encourages our faith. At Long’s Chapel, we believe worship can honor God, scripture, and also be very relevant to our everyday lives. At Long’s Chapel, we don’t believe in “one size fits all” worship. We believe that different styles of music and language speak to different people in different seasons of life. God can be glorified in a variety of worship experiences. We do several styles of worship at various times. Take a look and find out more below.

Worship Services

Classic Contemporary Service – The music at this worship experience has a bluesy rock-gospel sound. The atmosphere is relaxed and casual.  The music can include anything from a traditional hymn done in contemporary style to the most recently released worship songs.  The music is led by our praise team vocalists and full band with piano.  The 8:20 and 9:40 am services are held in our Sanctuary, and the 9:40 service is live streamed as well.

9:40 service at Long's Chapel

Live Streaming

Join us Sunday morning at 9:40 am for our live streaming worship service.

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Traditional Service – Our traditional service is our most formal, and yet still relevant and full of life.  Our pastors and choir wear liturgical robes, and our services include acolyte processions, pastoral prayers and liturgy. The congregational singing of our traditional hymns is led by our organist and Chancel choir. We also enjoy the talents of instrumentalists: such as trumpet, flute and bell choirs; that further enhance our music. Our chancel choir provides additional musical leadership throughout the worship experience; with specials, anthems and sung liturgy.  The 11:00 am service is held in our Sanctuary.  

11:00 service at Long's Chapel

Modern Worship Experience – This service embraces modern music, creative forms of worship, and a conversational sermon to engage people in worship.  It is open to everyone but has a special focus on receiving people who are not familiar with church, or are exploring and asking questions about Jesus, or are new to the faith.  Music is guitar-driven and lead by a full band, half of which are youth from our church.  The eleven05 service is held in the Venue.

eleven05 at Long's Chapel