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The Leadership Team

The Leadership Team of Long’s Chapel provides direction in the areas of financial stewardship (Finances), property and buildings (Trustees), human resources (Staff Parish Relations) and vision.  Meetings occur on the third Tuesday of each month and are open to anyone within Long’s Chapel.  Please note that the human resource portion of these meetings is closed due to the sensitive nature of their business items.  Questions regarding the Leadership Team should be directed to

2019 Leadership Team

Jack Carlisle

Judy Dodson

Tom Fogarty

Adele Gildersleeve

Ken Howle

Ryan Jacobson

Karen Kreitzburg

Denise Loock

Sam Lupfer

David Mehaffey

Hunter Plemmons, Chair

Patsy Rogers

Joey Webb

Chris Westmoreland, Lead Pastor

Justin Lowe, Associate Pastor

Torry Pinter, Executive Director of Operations

Meeting  Summary

There is a lot happening in the life of Long’s Chapel and Leadership Team is committed to making sure we get more information to you about what is happening.  Please see the August 20, 2019 meeting notes below.

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