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Our Welcome is Endless…

Endless welcome is what you will experience the minute you enter the parking lot, walk into the sanctuary, sing along with the choir, listen to the sermon, enjoy a cup of coffee, interact with our members, enroll your child in day care or involve your youth in the student group, participate in a classroom or study group, or dine on Wednesday nights. The list is absolutely endless.

Long’s Chapel exists to worship and serve God by reaching others and growing together as passionate followers of Jesus, because all people matter to God. You matter to God! We are called to Reach others, Grow together, and Serve passionately. Creation of such a space is eternal and like success, it is an unending process.

There are many ways for you to worship, get involved, participate, volunteer, and lead. Long’s Chapel is the place for you to not only worship and attend church activities, but it is also simply a place to come and join others in Christ’s conversations and prayers.

We desire for you to feel comfortable as you explore your faith within this community of friends. Visit LongsChapel.com and find the perfect spot for you.