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Imagine Longs Chapel

This is the Time

We have been blessed by the generosity and creativity of those who have gone before us. Now, it is our turn to be good stewards and create space that will benefit generations to come. We need a facility that allows us to draw people into community, in our context for ministry, relationships are everything and having space to develop life-giving relationships is essential to our health. We need sufficient and functional state of the art spaces where we can host community events, allow connections and relationships to forge, and for disciples to grow. We need facilities which allow us to achieve our capacity and dedication to serve.

There are many ways this campaign and project will benefit those who are already a part of Long’s Chapel. However, this project is not only for the members but also for the community and the people whom we seek to welcome into this amazing family.

Please explore the plans and renderings of the future expansion of the campus.

Download High Resolution PDFs of all plans